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Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring

nagios_logo_black24x7serversolutions provide Server Monitoring services. Your servers will be monitored by our monitoring team and systems 24×7.

If any services is not responding then our Server Monitoring systems alerts us and we will pro-actively starts working on it and most impotent If your server is down, we will follow your instructions to reboot it by either contacting data center or accessing reboot portal. We are monitoring the server memory, CPU and disk space usage, Also you will get the alert from our Server Monitoring system if we found any issue with any services.

Root-Cause-AnalysisRoot Cause Analysis

  • Spot the accurate reason behind server downtime. We uses event logs, crash reports, CPU, processes, memory and disk utilization and gives in-depth analysis on what caused your server to go down.

CPU-Usage-MonitoringCPU Usage Monitoring

  • Monitor key metrics such as CPU utilization by processor, core based utilization, interrupts & context switches easily with 24x7serversolutions for effective CPU usage monitoring.

Memory-Usage-MonitoringMemory Usage Monitoring

  • Highlights critical memory usage metrics along with insights on Used Memory & Free Memory, Memory pages (In/out/fault) in different graphs for easy understanding to assist in capacity planning.

Disk-Usage-MonitoringDisk Usage Monitoring

  • Captures key Disk usage metrics like disk utilization, individual disk utilization, disk (I/O) and represents the information in easy to view charts that assist you in defining the optimum disk capacity for non-stop usage.

Processes-and-Services-MonitoringProcesses and Services Monitoring

  • Processes and windows services can be instantaneously discovered in real-time and can be individually monitored, so you no longer have to stay in the dark in understanding which process had caused a server spike. Start / stop windows services from a single console and view all the information in an integrated dashboard

Mail-Queu-&-mail-IP-reputation-MonitoringMail Queu & mail IP reputation Monitoring

  • We monitor mail queue and take required actions to avoid mail IP blacklisting issues. Also we monitor IP reputation through advance alerts and do necessary to avoid issues due to the bad IP reputation.

Custom-alerts-as-per-client-s-requestCustom alerts as per client’s request

  • We can set up custom monitoring alerts like to monitor free IPs, CDP agent count, RAID array monitoring etc. Just provide us your requirement and we will set up the alert for you.



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