FTP Issue After Plesk Upgrade to Version-12


We are facing FTP issue after Plesk upgrade to version 12

as we had recently upgraded plesk to version 12 on one of the server and it showed warning that ftp service will not work unless IPV6 is enabled on the server. This happens because new version of proftpd is by default configured only listen on IPV6 ports. There is a very simple solution for this. Just go on with the Plesk upgrade and upgrade it to version 12.
You will get below error if you try to start ftp service and IPV6 is disabled on your server

server xinetd[503]: socket creation failed (Address family not supported by protocol (errno = 97)). service = ftp server xinetd[503]: Service ftp failed to start and is deactivated.

Edit the file /etc/xinetd.d/ftp_psa

service ftp { flags = IPv6 disable = no socket_type = stream

replace “flags = IPv6? with “flags = IPv4?

service ftp { flags = IPv4 disable = no socket_type = stream