VMware: Repeated characters when typing in remote console

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VMware: Repeated characters when typing in remote console

Everyone knows the hanging keyboard console session issue, when you type your username or password the keyboard hangs. If you access a virtual machine console over a slow connection, you’ll encounter keyboard sync issues

If you open a remote console to a virtual machine from a slow network connection (such as a VPN) while tethered to a mobile phone providing Internet access, the experience is not optimal, as keyboard and mouse gestures aren’t timed exactly the same. This is especially problematic if you try to enter a password where the characters are masked.

To reduce these effects, increase the time threshold necessary for auto-repeat in the remote console.

Power off the virtual machine.
Add a line, similar to this, at the end of your virtual machine's configuration (.vmx) file:

keyboard.typematicMinDelay = "2000000"

The delay is specified in micro-seconds, so the line in the example above increases the repeat time to 2 seconds. This should ensure that you never get auto-repeat unless you intend it. 

Power on the virtual machine.

To make the changes using the vSphere Client, please use below steps:

Power off the virtual machine
Right click virtual machine select Edit Settings
Click Options > General > Configuration Parameters
Click Add Row
Under Name enter keyboard.typematicMinDelay In the Value field 2000000
Click OK
Power on the virtual machine

Additional Information:

To locate the VMX configuration file for your virtual machine on a Desktop product, see Locating a hosted virtual machine’s files (1003880).
To locate the VMX configuration file for your virtual machine on VMware ESX, run the command vmware-cmd -l from the service console or the vSphere CLI with root permissions.

Note: You can edit the .VMX files directly, but a better practice is to configure this value within the vSphere Client for a virtual machine template. When you consider that most of the access to a virtual machine is provided by tools such as remote desktop, there is no harm in configuring this value globally for all virtual machines that originate from a template