Outsourced support for Web hosting companies

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The backbone of a successful web hosting business is Excellent Server Management & Customer Support. Setting up an inhouse support team and maintaining them to provide a healthy 24×7 support is an expensive as well as tedious job. To ensure complete required expertise and 100% customer satisfaction with the resources will be even more difficult.

24x7serversolutions provide web hosting Outsourced Support plan at an affordable price. The team will be working 24×7.You may also choose a timeframe for our service if 24×7 is not what you are looking for. We offer support via helpdesk/chat and social media.

Advantages of 24x7serversolutions Outsourced Support

Certified and Experienced Admins.
Unlimited Servers Support
Unlimited Tickets Support
Manage all your servers
Secure all your servers
Monitor all servers and services.
Firewall Installation & Configuration. etc..

Save Money

The overall cost for having an outsourced Server Management & Tech Support team at 24x7serversolutions is so much less compared to a setting up an in house team.Also we will manage/secure your servers with outsourced plan so no need to pay extra for it. Additionally, you also save the cost for recruitement and training.

Here is our Outsourced support plan.

Per Ticket Plan
Starter Plan
Night Support Plan
Semi Dedicated Support Plan
Fully Dedicated Support Plan