How to Reset default SSH port on cPanel servers

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How to reset default SSH port on cPanel servers ? The default ssh port is 22 on linux server.But if you have changed it due to server security reason and you forgot SSH Port which is you have configured.

OR If you corrupt the SSH settings on your server and lock yourself out of ssh, then you can reset the SSH configuration settings on cpanel server from WHM by following the steps below

1) Try to restart the sshd service through WHM it will show the ssh port while restarting the sshd service.

If this will not help then you can reset SSH port from WHM using autofixer through WHM.
1) Login to your server through WHM

http://youripaddress:2086  [Use your server IP:2086]

2) Browse the below autofixer script.


This will reset ssh port to 22.

2) SSH in and look at /etc/ssh/sshd_config to see what port is configured

3) Then restart SSH again

That’s it …