How to Migrate OpenVZ Virtual Servers (VPS) from one Hardware Node to another

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In this article we are going to how to  migrate OpenVZ Virtual Servers from one Hardware Node to another.This is a quick and easy guide to moving OpenVZ virtual servers.

Migrate OpenVZ Virtual Servers

Step 1: Take a backup for the vm which is you want to move.

login to hardware node through ssh where is vm created and Run following commands.

[root ~ ]# mkdir /vz/backup

[root ~ ]# vzdump --compress --dumpdir /vz/backup --stop 101

This command saves all the state of a running VE to the dump file into /vz/backup and stops the VE

Step 2: Once the backup process completed then move the backup folder on your new hardware node.

[root ~ ]# rsyne -av --progress /vz/backup/*

Note: replace the IP to your new hardware node IP.

Step 3: Login to new hardware node and run the following command. Befoe run the command you can check vzlist -a so that you will get idea to set new vm ID.

[root ~ ]# vzdump --restore /vz/backup/vzdump-101.tgz 108

The command will restore the vm and set ID 108.

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