How to create cPanel OpenVZ Template for SolusVM.

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In this article, we are going to create cPanel OpenVZ Template for SolusVM.Using this Template you will no need to install cPanel and other basic plugin every-time when you have create vps.

step1. Create a new Virtual Server in your SolusVM.

step2. SSH to your new Virtual Server and install cpanel on it usibg below command.

[root ~ ]#cd /home
[root ~ ]#wget
[root ~ ]#chmod 755 latest
[root ~ ]#./latest

step3. Once cPanel is installed, install any plugins you want, such as CSF (configserver Firewall) or CMQ (configserver Mail Queue).

step4. Go back to SolusVM admin panel, and shutdown the new Virtual Server.

step5. Go into the settings of the Virtual Server in SolusVM admin panel, and click on the button called Create Template

step6. Give the template a new name and click on the create template button.

The last step will create a tar file in /vz/template/cache on the hardware node that you had the virtual server setup on. Once it has completed packaging the template, it will send a message to the system log in SolusVM Admin panel.

Now you need to add the template to SolusVM so it can be used.

1.In SolusVM, click on the media tab, then click on Add OpenVZ Template.
2.For Name, I used CentOS-6 64bit – cPanel
3.For Description, I just put something like “with cPanel installed”
4.In the Template dropdown, choose the new template that you just created
5.Status should say Active
6.Arch in this case would be x86_64 (this is for 64 Bit)
7.Click on Add Template

Now whenever you go to create a new Virtual Server, when you get to the screen that asks what Operating System to use, simply choose the new template you created. This will create the new VPS with cPanel installed on it