How To Bypass A Fsck On Reboot

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if you don’t know “How To Bypass A Fsck On Reboot ?” and How to stop a FSCK from prompting or running automatically when rebooting server then Here are some useful tricks for you.

 It is recommended that you run a fsck on reboot if required. Usually, system automatically determines if fsck required or not. Generally, fsck is run automatically at boot time when the system detects that a file system is in an inconsistent state, indicating a non-graceful shutdown, such as a crash or power loss

Bypass a fsck using shutdown command

When rebooting the server use the following command

# shutdown -rf now

Above command will reboot the system and will not run auto fsck.
The other option is to edit grub.conf. Below are the steps to edit grub.conf

#nano /boot/grub/grub.conf

Now you can see the kernal line. You just need to add “fastboot” at the end of the kernal line. It should look as below:

 kernel /boot/bzImage-3.8.13-xxxx-grs-ipv6-64-vps root=/dev/sda1 ro fastboot

This will be saved as permanent and everytime server boots it will not check the fsck. If you want this only one time ,then edit the grub at the time of boot by pressing the key “e”.